We offer a complete and comprehensive service in all areas of the company, supporting the growth and profitability of your business.



Our team will advise you about the incorporation of commercial companies, including advisory services before and during and after the incorporation process of the new company.

Before the constitution

  • choice of legal form to adopt.
  • registration of the company name.
  • configuration of the administrative body.
  • creation of the bylaws.
  • determination of share capital, etc.

During the creation process

  • preparation of the public deed of incorporation in front of public Notary.
  • required documentation.
  • administrative procedures necessaries for the start of activity, including application for a Tax Identification Number, Payment of property transfer tax and Documented Legal Acts (Company Operations Mode), Registration in the Mercantile Register, legalization of Official Books, registration at the census of legal entities and declaration of commencement of activity, registration of Administrators in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers, social security allocation.
  • advice to the administrative body for the convocation of meetings of the General Board and / or Board of Directors, for the drafting of minutes, certificates, etc.).

After the creation process

We also offer advisory services for the removal and appointment of new directors, amendments to the company by-laws, capital increases and decreases, transformation, merger or demerger, dissolution and liquidation of companies.



Many newly formed companies do not initially have sufficient human and economic resources to run the entire management of the company.

For this, we offer to the SMEs the possibility to outsource several of their administrative services and that way save on human capital management that is very important in the first moments of a company.


We provide the necessary material resources and a professional team of people with functional diversity to perform among others the following administrative services:

  • Administrative management: Recording and modification of data, Billing, logistics, etc.
  • Document Management: Digitalization and management of physical and digital archives.
  • Customer service: Sending mailing, Incident management.



The services designed by our marketing specialists range from short and medium term marketing plans and action plans to medium and long term strategic marketing plans or digital marketing plans and management of online marketing campaigns, branding, communication and repositioning of product in market until the diagnosis of culture and values of your company and the elaboration of plans of cultural change and internal communication.


A good level of communication is essential if you want to achieve success in your business.

  • We design brand development plans, product promotion, event organization, maximum impact campaign formats to give your brand more visibility to your target audience.
  • We manage your brand in multiple channels of communication in order to turn your brand into «Trend». Also, we study how to monetize your online tools to improve your sales and carry out face-to-face, telephone or online surveys to know the realities of your market and the expectations of your target audience.
  • Development of numerous communication actions and editing of advertising material for communications with customers.

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