We offer professional, complete and accurate translations of all types of documents, backed by the experience of its staff to assist you with the fastest, professional coordination of each of the projects, regardless of their size and / or complexity.

We provide you with native licensed translators for the following languages


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We know that a technical translation has to be accurate, error-free because it is often the company’s letter of introduction, so a well-translated instruction manual conveys quality and seriousness.

Quality and specialization

Any product manual, scientific article or documentation, pamphlets, patents and medical documents need to be faithfully and accurately reflected with respect to your original document.

For this, our translators are native, licensed and have extensive technical and sector knowledge, which allows us to offer our clients the security of a precise and quality work.

Our technical translations include a wide range of possibilities: Instruction manuals, Manuals and technical catalogs, Contracts, etc.



With globalization and the opening of markets, we can reach a market of great potential where communication has become an essential factor for companies when it comes to publicizing and selling your products abroad.

Solutions adapted to your needs

For this, our team offers solutions adapted to your needs for translation but also the design of your commercial documentation:

  • cover letters.
  • flyers, catalogs and trade leaflets.
  • Market studies
  • journals
  • web pages, etc.



The financial information of the companies must be interpreted with great precision.

Specialized translators at the highest level

To meet your needs, we have translators specialized in this sector at the highest level:

  • Economic documentation.
  • Annual accounts.
  • Memories.
  • Reports.
  • Powers, etc.



The certified translation is a faithful translation of an original, signed and sealed by a certified translator that grants the same validity as the original document.

Essential in official bodies

It is usually required for the presentation to institutions in Spain of original documents in other languages or Spanish documents to exhibit in front of an official agency abroad, such as documents:

  • identity (Passports, ID, Residence permits, driving license).
  • Registrars (birth certificates, family books, marriage, death or criminal certificates).
  • Notarial (deeds, powers, acts with legal or administrative value).
  • Academic degrees and students’ records.
  • Commercial (Contracts and letter of intent).
  • Financial information (invoices, annual accounts, profit and loss accounts, etc.).
  • Orders and Judicial decisions.
  • Medical reports
  • Miscellaneous certificates or any other type of documents.

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